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[myself][research] Co-working at Osakan Space.


Hi, a happy new year and 2 weeks has already passed.

I'm going to work at the co-working space "Osakan Space" from next week. Co-work means to work with people in the different companies and different fields. And sometimes, there comes to be some products out with them.

I'll use the space as an office and a research room, and I want to get out a social movement at the co-working space.

What a exciting days! Join us!

Osakan Space:

[311] A book of the words of victims has released


A book of the words of victims of 311, '3.11 in our experiences', has released.

The victims have escaped from Tohoku and live in Toyonaka city, Osaka. The talked about the experiences of 311 earthquake. Then, the students of Osaka Prefecture University listened to them, and write the stories to the book.

If you want to read this book, please call to below.

Toyonaka Social Welfare Council
tel: +81-6-6848-1279

[research] Roadmap of my research

Sakai-higashi Illumination

My research theme is "the research by the people in the local area". Now, I'm going to write in the master paper about the past practices about my theme. And, I'll continue to do the research after graduating the master course. Then, I want to do the action research: doing the research in the practice with the people in the local area.